Freezy and Easy

September 17, 2010

Day 1: Lunch – Pumpkin soup with wholegrain roll, cheese and apple, and muesli cookie

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The soup was frozen and I heated it for four min. Waiting, waiting. It came with a small amount of tasty cheese, something I don’t usually add (I prefer natural yogurt or sour cream) and I heated the roll. The soup smelt and tasted… odd. Not bad exactly. It was quite watery in comparison to the Campbell’s butternut pumpkin I usually have. Perhaps it was the different pumpkin variety?
The roll was very big, and full of yummy grainy bits like linseed and poppyseed. I don’t usually microwave bread because it goes tough and chewy, but even though I over heated the roll it was fine – tasted almost fresh-fresh! More than happy with the roll, which I used to soak up most of the soup. It certainly satisfied my rumbling tummy. I am actually quite full now. But for how long?
I didnt feel like the apple until 3.15pm. I decided to save the cookie for dessert. I was peckish at 5.30pm, but had a cup of tea instead.

The roll pulls lunch up to a good 7/10. I wont order the soup again anytime soon, but I did love the roll!

The Muesli Cookie was pretty big! But not too big, which is great because it will help me avoid portion distortion in the long wrong. I ate it after dinner, by heating it 20 sec. Yummy! 8/10


The smaller portions prove to me LnE is not some fad diet, its about learning about healthy eating, in easy steps. The other thing is, because I am paying a decent amount for this, and its an easy system to follow and stay full, so temptation is not calling anywhere near as hard. I don’t want to "ruin" it with a bite of candy or cake. I want to finish this!


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