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September 19, 2010

Sunday, yummy Sunday

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Another non LnE day. Once I get my other blog going I will probably post these over there.

I tried to stick to the same sort of calories as the program – don’t want to just give up on weekends.

Breakfast illustrated that I am not a volume eater in the morning. LnE is pretty good, in that you get two courses with breakfast and lunch, and a big meal at dinner.


I had Burgen Pumpkin seed toast with about 1/6 an avocado, a piece of short cut rindless bacon and half a glass of milk. That’s 330 cal and kept me full until lunch at 12 (I did eat that at 830 though!)


Lunch was an Ali Baba Morrocan Lamb “Rapp”. (Phone photo, sorry. Thats a small coke, but you can see the rapp goes off the page!) It was HUGE – stick to a k’baby next time I think. They have a whole new range of foods, and I think is much better than the average kebab place. The plates for $10 look good (to share, or save some for later) and the meat was quite lean. The website says 375 cal but I reckon with sauces it was more. I didn’t finish it all, just pulled out the lamb at the end.

I wasn’t hungry at 3pm but I thought frequent meals are part of LnE, so I got a King William chocolate kids size from boost. WOW, 250 cal?!?! The lite ones are much better. As is making your own. Mine wasn’t that great anyway.boost

Dinner was a lot lower cal than usual, but not intentionally. I bought a huge head of cauli last week before the delivery, and had no idea what to do with it. Usually I make mashed fauxtatos (pureed cauli tastes v similar to mashed potatos) but there was just too much, so I kept looking. Until I found a recipe for faux-sotto!! The cauli-head was broken up into lumps then blended quickly until grainy. I used up some freezer chicken, bacon, peas, lite cheese, and some leftover fresh shallots and mushrooms, and added some low sodium chicken stock, and right at the end some parmesan, lemon juice and rind.


Will put the recipe up on my other blog later, but if you are curious, you can google low carb cauliflower risotto. I didn’t use butter or cream, and added 1/4 c parmesan. It was a pretty huge serve for about estimated 300 calories, and took a lot less time (and stirring) than real rissotto.


I ate half and saved half.The bowl doesn’t really look full here, but it was over the top of the lip in the middle there. Yum.

Tastes similar to risotto – I was tricked at the start. By the end I felt like I ate a bowl of fibry cauliflower, I missed the lovely bite to real risotto, and didn’t keep me full as long. Did not miss the huge calories though. You could easily cut the bacon – it didn’t add THAT much. This is good comfort food, keepers for next winter.

So today was good. I even stayed on track. CRAZY for me. Usually shopping is an all you can eat affair for me, or I at least press my face against the glass of Mrs fields cookie store, so hard I can practically absorb the calories of the peanut butter brownie (OMG so good). Or at least get ice-cream. Regretting boost as 1. wasn’t hungry and 2. wasn’t that great but what is done is done. And I even bought tim tams today for a friend and did not eat them!


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