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September 17, 2010

Dinner: Fish, wedges and veg!

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LnE says -  Lightly crumbed fish fillet served with seasoned potato wedges and new season vegetables

Should keep my hopes low, in case I am disappointed ? Its a Friday which means FISH N CHIPPPPPIES for dinner. So I chose the fish fillet with …. WEDGES. Omigosh, I love potato wedges so much.

I want a quick meal, not oven baking, so I can relax into the weekend!

Smelt good, like real fish n’ chips. I decided to plate serve. There was a lot of veg.

The fish was crunchy around the outside and soggy in the middle. There was a high coating to fish ratio, but the fish did taste really good. I found it too chewy though. I wanted to tomato sauce it, but trying to stay on track. I think this is an oven meal

The wedges were also soggy BUT nice, probably because I like soggy chips. They were very full of flavour (as in potato flavour, not batter) As you can see they are less battery than the picture. They tasted healthy in a good way – not greasy or gross.

I do think "New season vegetables" is a silly way to say frozen 3 veg mix"…  There was a lot, A LOT of veg.

The meal was balanced, maybe too heavy on the veg (I would prefer salad, but you cant freeze salad) I would buy it again because it tastes similar to fish and chips from the shops, but healthier. After LnE I could recreate it pretty easily but right now I am enjoying the easy of a quick meal. 6/10


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