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September 16, 2010

Day 1: The delivery

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Ok, so I left instructions to leave the box around the side of the house and the lovely people took it around the back into the shade. Awesome.

Judging by the temp outside the box I think it has been out here since about lunch time. Not good as I get home around 5pm. But the food inside – chilly and perfect, kept cold with dry ice. I quickly unloaded my goodies into the freezer and fridge before skipping off to my Body Step Class (more on gymming in the future)

Each meal came in its own baggie, marked with the planned day, then sorted in bigger meal bags to store – making it easy for taking to work and sorting out. I decided I would try and stick to the advised days for eating the food where I felt comfy, but you could really eat it in any order, or mix it up.

I also ordered 5 meals for dinner this week. I got a fair mix. I am most excited about hte wedges with the fish and the mac cheese. Yum yum!

Ok, for my first dinner I could wait until after my class to pick what I wanted, what I felt like. AWESOME. I chose the Lamb Shanks, with a side serve of mashed potato, carrots peas and pumpkin – 367 cal which is fine by me (most dinners are around 400) Most of the evening meals do contain a significant portion of carbs, so if you have a problem with that I suggest switching lunch and dinner. See my next post for the review!

I opened up tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch to pack. There is a fair whack of fresh fruit, which is ok. I love fruit. But I guess I wouldn’t eat and orange when strawberries are available. I will suck it up during the meal plan weeks to save money I think.

The food is blatantly branded, so if you are embarrassed about LnE or, say like me, you are concerned your work mates will judge you (as I am a good healthy normal weight in general, I am a pear and dress for my figure and wear Spanx so people assume I am lighter than I am) you can always pull the lunches apart and put into your own Tupperware. I left some, moved some, as I don’t like eating out of plastic all the time.

The food seemed like too much at breakfast, not enough at lunch to me at first. I don’t usually have cereal AND toast at brekie, so I will probably cut some of that out, and add things like flax seed oil and chia to make up the calories, or eat the toast for morning tea instead of the fruit.

Ok onto the meal reviews!


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