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September 21, 2010

Day 3: Breakfast – Ham, cheese, tomato Soy-lin sandwich

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I was actually hungry this morning. Hooray. I cut out a slice of toast – about 100 calories, because my total for today went over by about 250 calories (I am eating between 1200 and 1500, but the meals provide up to 1600), and I will save this afternoon’s muesli cookie for another week.


It was hard fitting all the toppings on here (falling off the bread as you can see) – generous with ham/tomato. If I were to stick to two slices this would have to be an open faced sammo, but then its a bit stingy on the cheese. I like cheese slices for such things because they are thinner and spread more, but on my breakfast there was enough cheese.

This was good – all familiar to my taste buds. Healthy eating plan? I’d eat this if I were a size 6 or a size 16, on LnE or not! I didn’t feel that full, but I stayed full at work until about 1045, when I hate a few bites of my own rockmelon as I was about to go to lunch and didn’t think I could fit in their apple. It was a good type tho – not the cheapo Red delicious, a Sundower I think, which I love!


September 20, 2010

Day 2: Breakfast and Lunch

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Today was bircher muesli, two slices of grain toast with marmalade. I don’t like marmalade. And as I said before, two slices of toast just isn’t me.

So I subbed a piece of toast, marmalade and flora spread for leftover salsa.


The bircher was a lot smaller than I am used to, but also a lot creamier and tart/fruity – I guess I add more water and oatmeal, so if you wanted to halve the breakfast for later you could add you own rolled oats and fruit and a bit of water to stretch it out. I would then add fresh berries and some flax seed oil to balance the meal.

It had lots of crunchy bits (I found a whole hazelnut), then yummy plump sultanas but it was pretty small and I am happy to have one course breakfasts.

Was filling though, (with green tea and water) until 10am, when I had my kiwi. My rock hard kiwi. Note to self – check the fruit before you pack it.

Lunch was Schezwan Hokkein Noodles (that is HARD to spell!). They were “fresh”, and microwave heated.  The sauce was full of flavour, but overpoweringly sweet chilli/ salty. From what I can tell the noodles were actually Udon, and there weren’t much, but that’s why its lite, right? My favourite part was the chicken, which actually tasted and felt like fresh chicken (unlike lean cuisine, which tastes 5% filler) The meal is probably smaller than I’d usually serve myself, but thats exactly why I got LnE – to re-portionise my eating brain.


When I ate this I realised, maybe hundreds of people were sitting down to the same meal, at about the same time, and some people in Brisbane were probably eating from the same wok (or whatever they use to cook it) That was kinda cool.

It came with a little tub of pears (for some reason I LOVE these)

Arvo tea was yogurt and an apple cranberry muffin. I will post more on this tomorrow, but I decided not to eat Mr Muffin (who was a bit like a yummy looking un-iced frozen cupcake) because I am eating a few too many calories.

The yogurt was Greek yogurt with berries and this time i followed the instructions and stirred in the sauce. DELICIOUSO! And less grainy/tart. Om nom nom, loved this! And it kept me full until after my Body Pump Class. Weird, usually I am ravenous.

I thought today’s line up was pretty good, although I will try to avoid picking toasty breakfast options in the future.

7/10 for today – I would order this again

September 17, 2010

Day 1: Breakfast – Two slices of Grain Toast with Apricot Jam and Greek Style Passionfruit Yoghurt, and fruit medley

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First, I just want to note I am VERY wordy to begin with, so you get me a little, and some of my biases etc. As I get through the food it’ll cut down, I just want to paint a picture for potential LnE customers. The key is I bold key points and section, so just skip my blab and get to the bold!
I went to the gym for an early morning class. Bloggers usually say they are are RAVENOUS after a big workout, but for some weird reason when I exercise I cannot stomach food for an hour or so. The harder I work the longer I cant eat for! This is bad, so I usually have an Up & Go within 30 mins of a workout, then some fruit or a muesli bar when I can stomach food.
Today I just forced myself to eat as much as I could within about 45 min of exercise, and just leave the rest for when I got hungry. I ate at about 7:15 at work. The only LnE labels were on the yogurt and jam lids which I pulled off, so I could be eating any brand really.


The Greek yogurt is pretty small – small as those packs of dessert yogurt from Aldi or Tamar Valley. Unfortch it is not as creamy or delicious as the dessert yogurts. Almost a little grainy, and also a little tart. BUT nevertheless it was quite good, and didn’t overdo the sauce at the bottom of the container. Personally I like smaller containers of yogurt like this.

I don’t usually do toast for brekkie – and if I do its one slice, loaded up with delicious options like vegemite topped with cottage cheese+avocado grilled, or ricotta berries and honey. But I thought I’d stick to the plan. The toast came frozen, in a  packet of two slices. I ended up eating both pieces because I toasted both and didn’t want to eat soggy toast for morning tea. There was not really enough jam for both slices, so next time I might just have one piece of toast, and replace the lost calories with a smear of avocado and vegemite. The bread was called "grain" which made me think nine-seed type stuff, but it was more like wholemeal with grainy bits. I did like it – it smelt great, the slices were BIG.

By 10 am I was ready to consider morning tea. But I guess still pretty full and a cup of tea would have crushed any cravings. Morning tea is planned as fruit medley – apricots, raisins, apple, maybe paw paw? I don’t usually eat such energy dense stuff unless I am hiking/studying furiously, but I was peckish by 11am. A decent serve. Quite sweet. Kinda wish it was a fruit and nut or seed mix. I didn’t find it that filling though.

Overall thoughts
LnE is a lot higher in carbs than I am used to, mostly coming from bread. I tend to get my carbs from some very grainy bread, oatmeal and bright veggies like sweet potato, and the odd serve of brown rice, so I am interested to see if this keeps me fuller than I am used to. Looking forward to the variety of breakfast though.

Overall a decent breakfast but I am glad every day is not like this, as this is pretty easy to replicate in terms of time/effort compared to cost. 6/10. That is still good. 5/10 would be acceptable for the cost, 4/10 would  pack my own

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