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September 28, 2010

Dinner: Malay Beef Curry

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Today’s dinner was a last minute “I WANT FOOD”. It only took 6.5 min to cook, which made me happy.

As I cooked it I could smell rice. YUMMY.

Ok, so it looks a little like… bad stuff… But there was a great variety of vegetables, with big chunks of spices in there. I have had some lean cuisine meals in my time, but this stuff is more gourmet, and a better size (then again it does cost a bit more!)

The meal was filling, beef tender enough, and the curry had a slight kick. Kept me full. I would have this again, although I do question its authenticity.



September 21, 2010

Day 3: Dinner – Chicken and Prawn Pad Thai

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I am not very nice to LnE.
I can barely find a restaurant around me that does good Pad Thai, and I am trying to get it from a box. The night after a delicious mac cheese dinner? I am picky with my Pad Thai, and its something I order EVERYTIME I got to a Thai place that I know has good Pad Thai cos its so rare to find. But its a calorie BOMB – peanuts, oils, noodles, very little veg….

The meal was done in 7 mins as I cleaned my house (I only got in 20 min of a fitness video today because I had to pick up groceries for work coffee etc)

As it cooked I smelt… food? But not the lovely smell of Pad Thai…


It certainly didn’t look like pad thai, containing spinach and no egg or peanut I could see.  I poured it into a bowl so I could stir the sauce – weird globs of herbs but it didn’t help.

And the taste? Sad to say, did not taste like pad thai. Not bad, but I would prefer to call this dish "Asian Coriander Noodles".

I splashed on a bit of fish sauce and ketchup to try and make it taste something like pad thai, but that didn’t do anything.

There was a LOT of noodles – opposite of yesterday’s dinner. Which is great if you are craving noodle box, minus the abundance of calories. A fair bit of prawn, not much chicken (or was that the saucey blobs?)

I tried to eat slowly by using chopsticks, but I ate so fast I got "pad thai" in my eye…

I think LnE is being unfair on itself. I dont think ANYONE could freeze Pad Thai and have it taste ok – its full of bean sprouts!  And try and make a super healthy version… good luck. I take my chances healthyfying Thai Green Curry and that has coconut milk in it!

Pad Thai – 310. Does not help the Thai craving at all
Coriander Noodles – 7/10 – Yummy, filling, tho I usually add more veggies, less noodles, and would consider this again.

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