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September 14, 2010

And so it begins!

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No photos just yet – this is all pre LnE…

A little about me

I’m a bit of a foodie (a bit, I said. Obviously on hold now) as in I read blogs, love testing out new restaurants and dabbling in the kitchen. I drool over I love fresh healthy food and cooking. Particularly baking. Said baking has taken its toll on my waist, where I am usually slim. I am pear-shaped, although I have broad shoulders. I fit size 8-10 tank tops, but size 12+ trousers. The waist is usually loose, but my thighs and booty need some serious spanx to be comfortable in size 12. My goal over time is to fit into size 10 without spanx (and a generous size 8) and reduce my BMI to 22 (its 24 now, which is healthy, but I am usually small framed, and carrying a few extra kilos) I work a fair bit. Mon-Fri, ~7.30-4.30 but often later and usually 15-30 min for lunch in there. I also travel a fair bit with work, on and off, but its not rare for me to be away for 5 months out of the year in total. I live alone, and dont have kids so I should not complain about having no time. But I want to get on top of my life while I am young (I’m 23) and before all that hecticness begins! I HATE running, but put up with it, but LOVE LOVE LOVE Les Mills classes and weights training (which I havent done much since joining my new gym)

What is lite n easy (LnE)?

Lite n easy is a food program which promises easy meals delivered to your home, with minimum prep and hopefully weight-loss options if you are interested.

The plan is based around three meals and two snacks, and comes in either 1200, 1500 or 1800 calorie plans. The meals are relatively customisable and you can either get all your food delivered, or 5 day programs, or just meals (like breakfast and lunch, or dinners only) The meal plans are available on their website, and change seasonally.

Why I chose LnE

  • It was the only healthy food system that delivered to my place in QLD for a semi-reasonable price that wasn’t meals on wheels. I had also heard promising things. I promise you I am not getting paid or endorsed. I don’t even think they know about this blog. I have always been a fan of HeatEatReview, so I guess it’s a mini Aussie version

Initial Feelings

  • I found signing up painless and easy, although you do need to ring up to confirm delivery details.
  • They deliver to your area once a week, which I found slightly annoying as my delivery date is a Thursday, and I often go away on weekends with work or family, so if I ordered a 5 day meal plan for a week, the last two days would risk getting stale. Most of the food is frozen so it should be ok, but, yeah, it’s a little inflexible.
  • The cost is ok. $110 for 5 days worth of meals sounds crazy, but my food bills were sky rocketing as I was stockpiling foods/sauces etc, and wasting a fair bit of food living alone. Also the time I spent at the shops is now saved.
  • Although the plans look healthy, there are some nutritionally … less valuable… foods included that I would not normally eat (but obviously make it easier to freeze the meals and make a profit) such as Jasmine or white rice, potatoes, and starchy frozen veggies (corn/peas etc) with almost every dinner, vice salad or lighter frozen veg like beans or broccoli. There is no brown rice/quinoa/wholemeal cous cous or abundance of  "superfoods" that I am used to.
  • The meal plans look good, with lots of variety and choice. To offset the cost and the lack of "superfoods" I chose the 5 day plan, and have decided to stretch the food out over 7 days, by adding eating out (healthy!) a few times and adding my own fruit/cereal etc but sticking to their caloric and nutritional guidelines. And I will probably only order two out of three weeks, supplementing with other frozen meals and my own cooking as I go. As they publish their nutritional information this is quite easy – they don’t make the diet guidelines a secret.
  • In order to lose weight I need to eat about 1600 calories given I exercise moderately (I will be bumping this up soon) I have ordered the 1500 calorie program as the 1800 cal program just feeds you more snacks, and I would prefer heftier meals. As such I will add veg/oils/nuts/good fats to my meals and drink skim milk, but will mark whenever I diverge from the LnE plan. Promise!

Welcome welcome!

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Welcome to my little blog!  I thought I’d try my own food blog a few months ago but I fell behind. Now I have been inspired to share my journey as I begin a food delivery program (which will hopefully free up my time) and share my experiences for any Australians also interested in such fooding. As time passes I will probably end the food program, but hope to continue the blog!

I’ve decided to start the Lite n Easy food program in Brisbane for a number of reasons:

  • I like being healthy, but I am easily lured off the path of food virtue. Although Lite and Easy is not a super healthy meal plan, I hope it will break my bad habits of making microwave brownies late a night…
  • I live alone and although can cook meals for one (or for four and freeze them) its somewhat lonely and I find a waste of time to spend less time eating (alone) than cooking and cleaning . Its not just dinner, but lunch too!
  • I am enjoying my new freedom of living alone, and am getting selfish. I want time to do "me" things like shop for shoes, hit the gym daily, blog, read magazines.
  • Speaking of time, I hit the gym at 5.30 after work. By the time I get home, shower and get hungry, its 7.30 and I would rather eat cookie dough than a real dinner. Less effort post gym = more chance of eaitng healthy
  • Although my weight is in the ideal BMI range, it is at the top end, and I want to start eating cleaner in order to shed some muffin top, and then gain some muscle to keep me a healthy weight

Wish me luck!

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