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September 20, 2010

Day 2: Dinner – Homestyle Macaroni Bake

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Some people say I should have been born American, or at least my tastebuds are from the US. I scoff because I LOVE vegemite and meat pies, lamb etc etc, but I guess its because I am OBSESSED with a few key parts of modern “American” cuisine. That is Peanut butter + chocolate, cookies (but seriously who doesn’t love those, I just call them cooies) and Mac n Cheese. I loved the Kraft Mac and cheese, I love American luminous orange Mac and Cheese, I love enricos Mac and Cheese, and Hard Rock cafe side dish Mac and Cheese. Other than Mac and Cheese, I dont like creamy pasta, and I dont like fancy cheese like brie. I just like plain tasty, cheddar and maybe gouda.


8.5 minutes of shower later, it smelt good and at the end the cheese started to burn brown. Love-love-love!! But no real crumbly bits like on the photo. Maybe this is an oven meal? Or at least on micro/grill.

Plus its uber carby. I am not afraid of carbs (I know, my faux-sotto says otherwise, but honestly) I love me some brown rice, and turkish bread, wraps, seedy bread etc, but for me its about balance. I can no longer happily sit down and eat half a fresh loaf of bread with butter. My body actually doesn’t like it. When I eat like that travelling, the lack of veggies kills me (try a 20 hour road trip, Mm McDonalds to KFC to Oporto)

I like to pimp my mac cheese, with peas, corn, tuna, whatevs. I had leftover salmon and I am trying to eat fish three times a week, so I cut out the same amount of calories earlier in the day to add this yummy fishy.


Added some chopped chives and pepper too, and plopped it in a bowl – just wanted to curl up on the couch with my din-dins!

It was fantastic and yummy comfort food. But remember I love Mac Cheese, so maybe I am biased. It was runnier, saucier than other mac cheeses, but I still  like it. Anyway, that meal is going to be repeated and I will try to mimic it – gourmet Mac Cheese, with cauliflower (to pad out instead of pasta) salmon, and a crunchy panko bread crumb topping.

I ate it so fast I had to wait to get full 😦 But I stayed full until bedtime.

An easy 8/10, maybe more, but will be getting it again (if I keep all this up)



September 16, 2010

Dinner: Lamb Shanks

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This is what LnE had to say: Tender lamb shank meat with a chunky tomato and red wine sauce served with creamy mashed potato and garden vegetables

I have heard you should take it out of the paper for presentation, but in real life, it looked fine. Plus minimised my dishes. I wasn’t too keen as I am not a huge mash fan but I do love lamb

My routine: Shower on -throw meal into microwave – program 9 min – jump into shower and wash – dry –  get into PJs – set up Ugly Betty and my laptop- get a drink (diet lemon  fizzy I decided) and quickly tidy up before it beeped – done. The smell was fantastic. I was impressed. Suddenly I was looking forward to this!

I sat down and tried a little bit of everything

Sauce – wow, salty. Makes sense, at 810mg of sodium… but delicious. Not bland at all

Lamb – Omigosh! SOOO tender I couldnt believe it. It was mostly top quality, with only a small amount of goo (fat) but very tasty, and just enough I thought.

Veg – a bit sad there wasn’t more pumpkin, but it was probably enough with the other veg. Mashed potato good – salty enough

I was very VERY happy with the whole meal. Halfway through I was feeling very full. Perhaps its because I had a soft drink, or because I’d just been doing exercise. Either way, feeling good about it all! I think the fact that it wasnt really old (like frozos can get) helped as there was no freezer burn

I give it an easy 8/10!

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