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September 27, 2010

Dinner: McCain Healthy Choice Plus; Creamy Chicken Pasta

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After having such huge meals with Lite N Easy, I decided to pick a few bigger frozos. This cost me about $5.50 on special.

As you can see it came in a special steam heating container, to “lock in the flavours.” That implies there is flavour… ok, being a bit harsh. The chicken pieces did taste like real chicken and there was a decent amount of it (but looked like that 91% chicken 9% filler/stabiliser/sawdust stuff) I do love penne, and the veg didn’t taste like normal soggy frozo veg. Its just the sauce. I know it says creamy, I just expected a bit more flavour, cheesy even.  See the box is yellow, not pasty. And more mushrooms.

All over I ate all my dinner and felt satisfied.  But really I could have made the same meal last night (a few times and frozen it) pretty easily, but boosted its health profile with wholemeal pasta. So I think I might just do that next time and pick frozos that I couldnt make easily (Coles Risotto is really good, I forgot to take photos, so a review is still coming!) 6/10. Good but not a fav.

There may also be some old LnE reviews I never got to publish before I went on my crazy baking/eating spree. I dont blame LnE for that. I blame me making 3 different decadent baked goods in a night.


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